Thursday, 4 August 2011

Swimming pool in Penang Island - USM area

Good day everyone~ 
I'm going to introduce the swimming pool available at USM area.

USM swimming pool
Firstly, of course, the Olympic size USM swimming pool! 
Located at minden height which near to the  USM batu uban entrance.
It has very beautiful scene and crystal clear water. 
The lifeguarding there is very strict during semester, when the pool is guarded by professional lifeguards (USM students under USM lifeguard corps). 
Swimming cap and lycra material swim wear is a must, No underwater swim and no undergarment is allowed. 
This is one of the view of USM swimming pool, if you are not USM staff or students, 
then you have to apply for membership in order to use the sports facilities in USM.

Swimming pool @ Desa Permai Indah
This is a apartment swimming pool at Jalan Helang. 
A beautiful blue floor swimming pool and is separated into 2 shallow and deep area by a floating buoy line.  
Suitable for both beginner kids and adults. 
It is free if you are the residents of desa permai indah. If not, you have to be smart to avoid caught by the security guards of the apartment. (>_<) 

There are some facilities for the kids, the depth of the pool is just nice for them as well! 

---- To be continued ----

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